Gianni De Liguoro has been introducing his original creations in the fashion industry for more than fifty years. He followed his family’s footsteps, coming from the haute couture and has always been driven by artistic creation. He attended Fashion sketching and cutting schools and then, looking for a his full identity, he followed some courses at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. By combining fashion and art he started expressing himself in the field of fashion accessories, becoming a perfect fashion designer, able to bring together imagination, elegance and technical capabilities.

The 70’s

The company was set up and rapidly became well-known for its product appeal, although those were difficult years when fashion was affected by negative historical events. Over the last years of the 70s the radical change characterizing the next decade was starting to be perceived and De Liguoro was prepared to that. In addition to the costume jewelry collection, he developed important innovations, particularly for bride and ceremony accessories.


The new decade brought a deep renewal and social change including the most ephemeral sectors. The re-launch of made in Italy products led the designer to work for pret-a-porter and haute couture. He established partnerships with major designers in the industry and this was the beginning of a new vision of accessories. The first was the one with Clara Centinaro, one of the most popular key-player of high fashion in Rome at that period, then Renato Balestra, Rocco Barocco, Fausto Sarli for Haute Couture, but also Trussardi, Alberta Ferretti, Gai Mattiolo and Roberto Cavalli during the following decade.
In the mid-80s bags, belts and matching scarfs were added to a number of jewelry collections.
A trend that kept growing with the introduction of garments such as, tops and bustiers, which perfectly combine the use of fabric and metal and match with gloves, bags, hats, obviously all embellished by the designer’s creations.

He started the first line of evening and day dresses, thanks to the collaboration with major brands of Italian textile: unique clothes, manufactured with sartorial passion and fullness of detail.



Straddling two decades, new markets were opened up such as swimsuits and their matching sets, which were often decorated with original drawings reproduced by hand on each piece. Furthermore connections among various needs of the fashion industry were strengthened. Thus the lines of glasses, gloves, hats, bags and belts were started for women who do not neglect details. A special note is dedicated to fashion jewelry button. Infact Gianni De Liguoro was one of the most innovative forerunner, proposing the button / jewel matching.

The 2000s

Details came back into fashion and that was an inspiring invitation to develop new lines, embellishments for shoes and bags, buckles and belts, giving more and more importance to jewels, that became very fashionable. The change in style and daily life made jewels lighter and wearable, much more practical, with large volumes and lightness.

Present Time

Today ‘s women life, constant changes in technologies, materials choices, sectorial innovations, require an incessant evolution even for big fashion houses. That is why today a generational change has allowed a renewal of De Liguori ‘s brand. The experience gained over the years, the craftmanship and the use of high -quality -innovative materials has enahanced creativity, new ways of conceiving made in Italy jewels, but still remembering their own roots and taste for elegance and refinement.