Great Italian Costume Jewellers, DE LIGUORO, edited by Bianca Cappello

September 24th, 2016 / November 20th, 2016
Museo del Bijou di Casalmaggiore, Cremona, Italy

On September 24th was successfully inaugurated the first exhibition dedicated to De Liguro and his 50 years of history and creativeness. Curated by Bianca Cappello, alread writer of the book “The History of Italian Costume Jewellery”, published from Skira, the exhibition will be hosted by the Museum of Bijoux of Casalmaggiore, Cremona, Italy, from September 24th to November 20th. Among the guests present at the inauguration as well as bloggers and journalists of newspaper and specialized press, also Claudio Marcolli, Marketing Director of Swarovski Italy.

A monographic exhibition that tells the story of the brand “De Liguoro” from the birth until today, its evolution and the great collaborations with some famous stylist of high-fashion in the last 20 years of the past century, the crown of Miss Italy, the revival of the button jewellery and much more.

A long journey of more then half a century of creativity made in italy. Not to be missed!

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